5 Stylish Ways to Use Bobby Pins

Geometric Patterns


For a trendy, edgy style, arrange many bobby pins in a geometric design like triangles or chevrons down one side of your hair or towards your hairline.

Embellished Accent


Secure a little portion of hair at your temple or add glitter to an updo with ornamental bobby pins with rhinestones, pearls, or other embellishments. 

Crisscrossed Design


Use two or more bobby pins on one side or rear of your head to create a crisscross design. This easy method gives a basic hairdo a new look.

Hidden Support


Use bobby pins in your hair color to hold portions or support updos. This holds your hairdo without becoming noticeable.

Minimalist Stacking


Stack bobby pins horizontally or vertically. You may add a modest yet stylish accent to your hairdo by placing them randomly or deliberately.