Family and Officer Claim to See UFO over Las Vegas

A family in Las Vegas called 911 on April 30, 2023, to report seeing a UFO in the sky.

The family said they saw a bright, round object that was moving erratically and at high speed.

A Las Vegas police officer who was driving nearby also saw the object and reported it to his dispatch.

The object was seen by several other people in the area, and there is video footage of it that has been circulating online.

The object has not been identified by the military or any other government agency.

Some people believe that the object was a UFO, while others believe that it was a military aircraft or a weather balloon.

The incident has sparked a debate about the existence of UFOs and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

The family and officer who reported the sighting have been interviewed by the media, and they have remained adamant that they saw something unusual.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The possibility that aliens have visited Earth is a fascinating one, and the Las Vegas UFO sighting has only added to the mystery.