10 Picks for a Healthier You

Fat-Flushing Foods

Fatty fish is rich in omega-3 and protein, aiding in fat loss and boosting metabolic rate.

Fatty Fish

Beans and legumes are rich in protein and fiber, helping to build muscle and burn fat. Roast chickpeas for a healthy, easy snack.

Beans and legumes


MCT oil boosts fat burning, reduces hunger, and preserves muscle during weight loss, as it's quickly converted into energy.

Eggs are a cheap protein source; have them boiled on salads or in omelets for a nutritious meal anytime.


Coffee boosts metabolism and mental/physical performance due to its caffeine content.


Grapefruit contains enzymes that can speed up metabolism and support weight loss, making fruits and veggies a great addition to any diet.


Green Tea

Green tea boosts metabolism, aids in weight loss, and has health benefits such as reducing the risk of cancer and protecting heart health.

Lean chicken breasts are a great source of protein to keep you fuller longer and help burn fat. Grill or bake for quick meals on the go.

Lean chicken breast

Whey protein aids muscle growth, reduces appetite, increases fullness, and boosts metabolism more than other protein sources.

Whey Protein

Apple cider vinegar can suppress appetite, promote belly fat loss, and reduce blood sugar and insulin levels.

Apple Cider Vinegar