The Power of the Banana Peel: 5 Surprising Uses

Homemade bug repellent

Inhabitat provides an easy DIY bug trap using a plastic bucket with a lid and a used banana peel. Bugs are attracted to the sweet scent of the peel, flying into the trap through punctured holes.

Perfect for gardening

Banana peels produce methane gas, 84 times more intense than carbon dioxide. They can be used for composting or gardening by wrapping them around plants or creating a solution for indoor plants.

Splinter removal

To remove a splinter painlessly, apply a banana peel to the area for 30 minutes, which contains enzymes that help bring the splinter to the surface for easy removal with tweezers, according to Bright Side.

Cook with peels

When cooking meat or fish, adding a banana peel to the roasting pan can make it more tender by keeping it moist, acting as a "blanket" that retains moisture, according to Bright Side.

Reduce acne and scars

Bright Side suggests rubbing the fleshy part of a banana peel on the face for 10 minutes to reduce acne and scars, making it a potential addition to daily skincare routine.