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    7 Prehistoric animals that still roam the Earth

    The Earth has witnessed the rise and fall of countless species over millions of years. While many prehistoric creatures have faded into history, some resilient beings continue to roam our planet. In this exploration, we delve into the fascinating realm of seven prehistoric animals that have stood the test of time, evolving far less than their counterparts.

    1. Crocodiles: Living Fossils

    Crocodiles, formidable predators, have been prowling our waters for millions of years. Despite their ancient lineage, these creatures have undergone minimal evolution, retaining a basic physical design that has proven highly effective in their role as apex predators.

    2. Sharks: Time-Tested Predators

    With a lineage dating back around 420 million years, sharks have proven to be masterful survivors. Their cartilaginous skeletons and efficient hunting strategies have allowed them to persist virtually unchanged over the ages, earning them the title of oceanic time travelers.

    3. Tuatara: A Living Fossil from New Zealand

    Native to New Zealand, the tuatara is often referred to as a “living fossil.” This unique reptile closely resembles its prehistoric ancestors, with lineage roots reaching back to the time of dinosaurs, making it a captivating glimpse into Earth’s ancient past.

    4. Horseshoe Crabs: Survivors of Extinction

    Horseshoe crabs, with a history spanning hundreds of millions of years, have not only witnessed but survived multiple mass extinction events. These resilient marine creatures play a crucial role in ecological balance, and their existence is a testament to the endurance of ancient adaptations.

    5. Nautilus: Oceanic Time Traveler

    The nautilus, a cephalopod mollusk, has gracefully navigated Earth’s oceans for over 500 million years. With its distinctive spiral shell, the nautilus is a living relic from a time long before the evolution of more modern cephalopods like squids and octopuses.

    6. Coelacanth: Resurfacing from Extinction

    Once thought to be extinct for millions of years, the coelacanth, a deep-sea fish, made a surprising comeback in the 20th century. Its discovery challenged scientific understanding, revealing a living link to the ancient underwater world.

    7. Ginkgo Biloba Trees: A Living Legacy

    Ginkgo biloba, often known as the maidenhair tree, stands as one of the oldest living tree species, with a history dating back around 270 million years. These resilient trees have witnessed the shifting landscapes of Earth, adapting and enduring through epochs.


    As we marvel at the wonders of the natural world, these prehistoric survivors offer a unique window into the Earth’s ancient past. Their existence is a testament to the remarkable ability of certain species to withstand the test of time, adapting just enough to ensure their continued presence in our ever-changing world.


    1. Why are crocodiles considered living fossils?

    Crocodiles are considered living fossils due to their minimal evolution over millions of years, retaining a basic physical design that has proven highly effective.

    2. How do horseshoe crabs contribute to ecological balance?

    Horseshoe crabs play a crucial role in ecological balance by contributing to nutrient cycling and serving as a food source for various marine organisms.

    3. Are tuataras found outside of New Zealand?

    No, tuataras are endemic to New Zealand, making them a unique and protected species in the region.

    4. How did the coelacanth challenge scientific understanding?

    The discovery of living coelacanths challenged the belief that these fish had gone extinct with the dinosaurs, highlighting gaps in scientific knowledge.

    5. Why are ginkgo biloba trees referred to as a living legacy?

    Ginkgo biloba trees are considered a living legacy because they are one of the oldest living tree species, with a history dating back around 270 million years, making them witnesses to Earth’s ancient past.

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