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    7 Valuable Things to Look for at Goodwill

    Goodwill stores are more than just thrift shops; they’re treasure troves of hidden gems and valuable finds. From unique vintage items to high-quality essentials, a keen eye and a bit of patience can lead you to incredible discoveries. Whether you’re a collector, a DIY enthusiast, or simply looking for a good deal, knowing what to look for can turn your shopping trip into a rewarding experience. Here are seven valuable items you should keep an eye out for the next time you visit Goodwill.

    Vintage Canning Jars

    Vintage canning jars, particularly Mason jars and the blue-tinted vintage Ball jars, are highly sought-after. These jars serve as versatile home decor pieces and are ideal for canning purposes. Their rustic charm and practicality make them a favorite among collectors and homemakers alike.

    Picture Frames

    Don’t overlook the picture frames at thrift stores, even if the artwork inside is less appealing. Frames, whether ornate or simple, can be repurposed to showcase art that you love. With a little creativity, such as a fresh coat of paint, these frames can be transformed to match your home’s style and decor.

    Wooden Furniture

    Thrift stores are excellent places to find affordable, solid wood furniture. Timeless pieces like desks and dressers can be given a new lease of life with some minor updates. A fresh coat of paint, new knobs, or a little refurbishing can turn outdated furniture into stylish, modern pieces.

    Colored Pyrex

    Vintage Pyrex bowls, known for their pretty colors and bold patterns, are highly coveted by collectors. Not only do these bowls add style to your kitchen, but they are also durable and functional for everyday use. Finding these in good condition can be a real score.

    Cast-Iron Cookware

    Cast-iron cookware is prized for its durability and versatility. Even if the cast-iron skillets, pots, or pans you find at thrift stores are in rough shape, they can often be restored and reseasoned. This makes cast-iron cookware a quality find at a bargain price.


    For book lovers, thrift stores can be a goldmine. You can find popular reads, classic literature, and hidden gems at a fraction of the price you’d pay in bookstores. It’s an excellent way to build your library without breaking the bank.


    If you come across tarnished silverware at a thrift store, don’t dismiss it. Solid silver items can be polished and restored. Depending on the current value of silver, these items can be resold for a great price or add a touch of elegance to your table setting.

    Exploring Goodwill stores with these valuable finds in mind can make your shopping experience both fun and fruitful. With a little bit of searching and some creative thinking, you can uncover items that add beauty, functionality, and value to your life. Keep these seven valuable things in mind the next time you visit, and you might just walk away with a treasure or two.

    Elsie Bernier
    Elsie Bernier
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